Women's Olympic Goalie Mask Tournament: Final Round

This seems familiar. Once again, Canada and the United States meet for the women's Olympic gold medal in hockey. Only this time, it's just about the goalie masks.

In the Olympic spirit, I'm taking a suggestion from Icethetics reader Andrew Kosek, who suggested gold, silver and bronze medals be awarded at the end of the tournament. That sounded like a great idea to me. So after you select your gold medalist, scroll down and pick who should win bronze.

Results: Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3

Polls close Friday night. The medalists will be announced on Saturday!

Bonus Poll

You're not done voting yet! On Sunday, we'll begin the Men's Olympic Goalie Mask Tournament. But since we're starting with 25 goalies, we need a preliminary poll to get us to an even number. These guys were the last two seeds in the bracket and will therefore duke it out here for the honor of being included in the first round.

Women's Bracket

Men's Bracket

As with the women's bracket, goalies have been seeded based on their stats from the 2014 Olympic tournament in Sochi. The first round of polls will open Sunday.