Poll: NHL ASGToL Championship

Polls close Wednesday, November 17 at 11:59 PM

The current Icethetics logo tournament features NHL All-Star Game logos from the past two decades. Read more about the format here.


Results will be revealed after the poll closes.

Commenting Feel free to add your comments about the polls below. Keep it short, relevant and friendly. Currently, commenting is unmoderated. Abuse it and commenting will go away. I'd prefer to offer an open discussion but not at the expense of civility. Also, if you choose to announce the logos you've voted for, do it in paragraph form. Comments with long lists will be removed.

By the way, due to my impending relocation, this will be the last tournament probably until the first of the year. At that point, I plan to finally launch an NHL jersey tournament. It will include home and road sweaters, along with alternate uniforms since all of the new ones will have been unveiled by then.