O6 Style for Preds 3rd

The Nashville Predators will be among a half-dozen teams to debut third jerseys in the fall. Now we're getting more information on that subject from Tennessean beat writer John Glennon.

In his blog Inside Predators, Glennon wrote about yesterday's Skate of the Union Address at the Sommet Center. The first two paragraphs are all about the team's upcoming alternate sweater.

Preds owner David Freeman said the team’s new third jersey is likely to be revealed publicly in September. He described it as a very traditional-looking jersey, with a design that "came purely from some of the original six teams."

Freeman said the third jerseys will frequently be worn at home on Saturdays. Nashville has 15 home Saturday games this season.

Good news for a team that has all too commonly been the butt of jersey jokes, with its attempts at being cutting edge. After all, at just over 10 years old, it's not like the Predators have a lot of tradition to draw on. The "mustard jersey" was certainly memorable but I'm not sure how fondly it will be held.

It'll be interesting to see what "traditional-looking" Original Six elements designers will borrow for this new uniform. I'm anticipating a common color like blue, more horizontal lines and a simplification of the color scheme. That would fit well with the alleged leak I posted a few weeks ago.

In addition, we now have an unveiling date to look forward to. As with the Wild, the third jersey is expected to be unveiled in September. Of course if anything comes out any sooner, count on Icethetics.

By the way, the Predators web site has undergone its' change to the new league-wide format.