Twitter Mailbag II

The Twitter page appears to be even more popular this week, so I'll continue with a series I'm now calling the Twitter Mailbag. Last week I posted and responded to a bunch of folks on Twitter who had interesting questions or comments. Here's Part 2.

In the past week, Icethetics has added over 120 new followers and reached the 80-update plateau (as soon as I tweet about this post). Now I know I could simply reply to folks via Twitter, but 140 characters doesn't really allow me to express myself or share with the rest of Icethetics' readers.

So let's dive right in.

AvsHkyPodcast @icethetics The new page looks really sharp.
[Jul 19]

Thanks! I've actually been hearing that from a lot of readers. It's the most well-received site redesign in the history of Icethetics/NHLToL. So I'm glad you guys like it. I know I do. I just got tired of all the white in the previous layout.

OMJason @icethetics Nice. I'll pretend the colours are a shout out to the Oilers and hope that they don't suck this year. [Jul 19]

Keep pretending. However, dark blue/aqua/orange is my favorite color combination so it was hard to design a look around any other scheme. Enough about me now.

6rick6 @icethetics who do you think will produce the worst third this season. My bets on the Preds [Jul 21]

We could discuss this one all day long. I think a better question is: Who has the most potential for disappointment? To that I'd answer Minnesota. I have the highest hopes for them, bringing the first green jersey into the Age of Reebok. But it's a very delicate situation, because if done wrong it could be a major letdown. As far as who will produce the worst, I'm mostly concerned about Florida and Colorado. Despite the alleged leaks, I have faith in Nashville.

HBAdventure @icethetics I'd love to see some concept art...
[Jul 22]

Me too! Whenever I get solid artwork, it goes straight up on Twitter. If you guys have anything to submit, you can find my email address at the top of the page. I'm currently working on plans for future expansion of the Concepts section of the site. The current incarnation is a little bare and stale. So many projects, so little time.

KevinY5 @icethetics You should totally show the Ugliest all-time uniforms, also [Jul 22]

Who wants to have a vote? I'm game. This week, the NY Daily News published an article declaring the Red Wings' the best uniform in all of sports. Let's give it a week and I'll start taking nominations for the worst in the history of hockey. Then we'll work out a ranking system to see whose was really the worst.

electrocraze421 @icethetics btw. thanks for the post on that las vegas wranglers jersey. you should do spotlights on lesser known minor league teams! [Jul 23]

I'm all about it. I think what we did last week was fun. Send in some more pictures of North American hockey uniforms in action and let's see if we can't work out where it came from. And as you can see from my coverage of the Pensacola Ice Flyers and Quad City Mallards, I'm trying to pay a little more attention to the minors these days.

fFiordalisiJR @icethetics're right dude, that has to be the hockey logo i have ever seen and i witnessed the Isles' "fisherman" logo. ouch!! [Jul 24]

Speaking of the Ice Flyers, I believe fFiordalisiJR is writing in response to that monstrosity. But I don't think the fisherman logo even compares to Pensacola's. At least that was a logo. This is a T-shirt design. Literally.

Finally, my thanks go out to Sean_Leahy, CazaCreations, yalebot, rwhickok, dwr508 and RLDhockey for your support via re-tweets and FollowFriday suggestions. It's folks like you helping to get the word out that will keep Icethetics going for a long time to come.

As always, get in touch by adding @icethetics to your tweets and check back again next Friday for another edition of the Twitter Mailbag.