Bruins show off 2019 Winter Classic crest too!

Boston Bruins logo / 2019 NHL Winter Classic

While I was busy writing about the Blackhawks' throwback logo, the Boston Bruins revealed the retro "B" they'll be wearing for the 2019 NHL Winter Classic next season. It's brown with gold trim all but confirming the B's will be decked out in white for the big game.

I'm excited about this one too! I've always enjoyed seeing the Bruins in brown and gold. I know they did the black and gold thing long before Pittsburgh (and there's the whole legal fight that went on). But brown isn't a commonly used color in sports and it really works for the Bruins.

I'm not sure of the last time I was this excited about BOTH Winter Classic jerseys. Maybe the Boston-Montreal game in 2016, I guess. Usually one team outshines the other. I get the feeling that this year the sweaters will be equally impressive.

What about you?