0237: Dallas Freak Out

I can't even begin to describe Cale Putnam's Dallas Stars concept. So I'll let him.

...and now for something completely different.

I think logical assumption is that the NHL is mere seasons away from some form of jersey advertising, probably in a form like the small patch AHL teams use on either side on the upper chest. As the Detroit Red Wings Presented by Amway have already proven, owners will test boundaries, so the idea here is that, as part of the ad deal, an owner might let a sponsor redesign the team brand and jerseys.

What you see here is the result of a chance doodling of NHL logos while I also had my new R/C truck on my mind. Traxxas is a metro Dallas based company that makes R/C vehicles, most popularly the T-Maxx, but also the Revo, Stampede, and what I bought, the Slash. I figured that the Stars, who we all agree could use a redesign, would be cool with whatever Traxxas came up with, so I re-did the primary with lettering more like their corporate logo, used an image of a Revo in the secondary, and designed the jerseys in the same vein as the graphic designs on their cars and trucks.

People are going to hate this, both for the looks and the advertising, but I can honestly see a future for this type of marketing, especially if it makes the owners money. If there's a good response I might try it for other teams.