0238: A Golden State Classic

Bill Grafner wants a Winter Classic to take place in California and he's designed a logo and pinpointed jerseys he'd like to see used. Here's what he has to say about it.

This is the hopes that maybe to apologize for a lockout, maybe we can get two winter classics next year. One on the East Coast and than a night game here in L.A. Temps at night should be great for a game and if Vegas can host an outdoor game so can we. I choose the sharks because of the fact that the Seals were also an expansion six team and the great rivalry between Southern California and Northern California.

I know some will say the Ducks but I feel the expansion six is a stronger toe in for a Winter Classic. I choose the California Seal logo and put it on the original Sharks colors for the fans to relate and a throwback to the original Sharks jersey. I went with the gold for the Kings because that was the jersey they wore for the Miracle on Manchester.

I know the Winter classic is supposed to be dark jerseys at home, but the Miracle means a lot to fans here and we already had the forum blue in games versus the Canucks and as a throwback jersey so this is a better jersey for a winter classic. Also, then the Sharks can be in teal not white or cream color.

I also included a fun Winter Classic Logo. I know it may be a bit busy but that is how we do it here in L.A.