0124: Superheroes Meet Hockey

It's not a hockey team. It's not even a sports team. It's Iron Man! Day 4 of No-Hockey Week brings us a series of sweaters that might be worn by the comic book superheroes we're all fascinated by. Jonathan Tweedle has designed jerseys based on the a couple of Avengers costumes.

Along with Iron Man, Jonathan provides a sweater for Captain America. Both are cool enough that I could see a minor league team doing a one-off special jersey night with something similar. We already Star Wars jerseys at least once a season.

It's not the National Hockey League, but a whole different kind of league. Nevill Carney designed sweaters for Justice League members Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, Robin and even the Flash (I'm predicting all the Lightning-related jokes you could possibly make and not finding any of them amusing). I particularly like the Batman jersey based on the costume from the '60s TV series.

There are still plenty more non-hockey hockey concepts to come this week.