0265: Futurama Meets Hockey

Here's a Freak Out Friday for you as we wrap up our week of non-hockey hockey jerseys. Who wouldn't want to wear this one by Justin Cox?

0264: Mario Meets Hockey (Again)

Last time I did this No Hockey Week, the Freak Out Friday post featured Super Mario of video game fame. He's back this time a day early as designer Brian Brideau had a couple more ideas worth sharing. Definitely a creative mind at work here.

0263: Miami Dolphins Meet Hockey

No-Hockey Week picks up with the NFL today. Jared Pozzobon suspects the Miami Dolphins might look a little something like this if they wore hockey uniforms. (See also, the IceHL's Tampa Bay Barracudas.)

0262: Politics Meet Hockey

At last, Election Day is here in the United States so the non-stop inundation of awful political advertising can finally come to a merciful end. But then, the day is still young. So enjoy this. David Paul Kerr's Democrat- and Republican-inspired jerseys were just wacky enough to earn a spot on the site today. (Don't ask me why the Republican jersey feature's Jaromir Jagr's name and number. I have as little insight as you.) Now be a good American and go vote!

0261: Chicago Cubs Meet Hockey

There's no love for the NHL on this part of Icethetics these days. Not with this ridiculous lockout still going on. So after two weeks of minor league jerseys, I'm doing away with hockey teams altogether. It's another Non-Hockey Hockey Concept Week. We did one over the summer.

Dylan Alexander's work was heavily featured toward the end of that series and he gets us started with this one now. He's created four rather unique jerseys for the MLB's Chicago Cubs. Which one is your favorite?