0125: Video Games Meet Hockey

I'm not at all what you'd call a hardcore gamer, but when it comes to the Super Mario franchise, I can't get enough. That's why this is my favorite weekend of the year. Not only has Brian Brideau designed a Super Mario-inspired hockey sweater, but Mario Marathon 5 starts today!

Mario Marathon is an annual event in which a group of people in Indiana go nuts, playing Super Mario games nonstop while raising money for a charity that helps sick kids. They present a live stream of the marathon so everyone can watch their progress. It usually goes on for several days and always brings in an impressive amount of cash. I've watched bits and pieces of the marathon every year since they started, so I wanted to get in a plug.

While we're on the subject of video games, Dylan Alexander created this Pac Man hockey sweater which I think is pretty fantastic. Only thing it's missing is a Ms. Pac Man. No-Hockey Week wraps up tomorrow. Can you guess what the topic will be?

By the way, the Freak Out Friday feature returns next Friday. (Though if you think about it, Super Mario and Pac Man hockey jerseys are a bit freaky.)