0144: Sabres Re-Bourne

Andrew Bourne's recurring series marks another installment here with the Buffalo Sabres. I'll admit, even I'm a bit skeptical on this one, but I'm curious to see the feedback it gets.

Although my reasoning for The 305cHL Buffalo color scheme might be laughable, at least I have a reason. I decided to ditch the blue and yellow from Buffalo because there is a blue epidemic in the NHL right now: teams with no blue in their color scheme are finding ways to use it in their 3rd jersey. So, one less blue team certainly wouldn't hurt. I believe that the team was onto something during their 'red and black era'. They looked intimidating. What I didn't like was the brightness of the red with the high contrast of the black.

I kept the bright red as a very small accent color and brought in a burgundy to replace the black. The change from yellow to light gold was to hint at the sabre and gives a regal element to the design. Finally, the laughable part: Buffalo can never escape from what they are known for. Yep, that's right, Buffalo Wings. No, I didn't want this team to literally be a buffalo wing with orange, red and brown swirls of color, but I did keep in mind that this is what Buffalo is known for. So, I kept the colors warm (red and gold) and tried to hint - if only slightly - to the big Buffalo claim-to-fame... Laugh now or forever hold your peace.