Ideal Buffalo

You'd probably agree the Sabres need to fix their uniforms. But would you agree that Kevin Dion has a pretty solid solution here? I think I would.


Buffalo Perfection

Want to know how the Buffalo Sabres can suddenly become the best-looking team in the NHL? I'll let Avi Stein explain.


Buffalo Throwback Mix

You can tell we're getting closer to Friday, can't you? This concept is very close to being a bit freaky. But I have been reading tweets and emails lately from an ever-growing group of Sabres fans who'd love to see this retro logo make some sort of a comeback. What do you think?


Golden Sabres

Happy Friday the 13th! On a day like this, I think the best thing I can do is offer up a yellow Buffalo Sabres jersey. And Jody Willard is only too happy to provide that for us. Enjoy.


Freaky Sabres Six Pack

Here's a fun one. Over the years, Ryan Christensen has submitted plenty of concepts to Icethetics. But his Buffalo Sabres' designs have always struck me as a bit odd. So I've gathered them all up for one big Freak Out Friday. Enjoy!