0656: Yankee Stadium Sketches I

It's Stadium Series Week on the Concepts page and Dylan Wonka gets us over the hump with three jerseys for the Yankee Stadium games. His take on the Rangers is unique but likely not accurate. The team will wear white with NEW YORK across the chest. Still, it's a clever use of an element of the Rangers' shield logo.

Next up is an Islanders proposal. I'm intrigued by the use of black striping on the primarily blue and orange sweater. But I have a feeling Long Island fans wouldn't warm to it.

And lastly, we have the Devils. So far we've been hearing the Devils will go with a throwback unlike the rest of the participating teams. However, they'll be wearing red instead of white. Look for them to sport the red and green number they've worn on St. Patrick's Day in recent years.

Meantime, what do you think of Dylan's designs? Any you'd like to see in action at some point?