Houston Bulls

As a school project, Dylan Nowak created an entire identity for an NHL expansion franchise called the Houston Bulls. Below you can see the jerseys that resulted from his work. But if you really want to dig into all that went into this project, including tickets, posters, websites, and anything else you could possibly imagine, check it out here. It's really quite something.

Knights of Las Vegas

We're wrapping up this week with a couple of Vegas concepts. Today, Dylan Nowak takes a stab at revising the Golden Knights branding, instead calling them the Las Vegas Knights. (Tomorrow, neon lights give birth to a Freak Out Friday for the ages.)

Winter in the Citi

The Sabres and Rangers are meeting up at Citi Field on New Year's Day. In preparation, Dylan Nowak has a solid suggestion for the uniforms.

Minty Fresh

We haven't seen the Whalers here in a while. Time to fix that. Dylan Nowak writes:

Long time no submission! Here is my home and away set for Hartford in the Adidas template. This is my hope if they ever came back. I wanted a brighter color set for Hartford. As my cousin said, "minty fresh."

Bold Isles

This one's been sitting in the vault for a little while, but we haven't had a good Islanders concept in a while. Dylan Nowak goes with some unique, bold stripes to make this jersey really stand out.