Another Pennsylvania Classic

For this week’s Outdoor Saturday, we revisit the 2019 NHL Stadium Series in Philadelphia. Jerseys haven’t been released yet but Collin Moore is predicting something a bit unusual.


Outside in the Sunshine

Jack Phillips is pitching the idea of an NHL Stadium Series game in Florida. I've always been a fan of the idea. As one last hurrah for the Trop, rename it back to the ThunderDome for a night, and bring the Bolts and Cats together. I'm not sure they could really wear anything but their original jerseys from the '90s — but these aren't bad either.

Penn Stadium Rematch

The Penguins and Flyers are set to meet outdoors again in a Battle of Pennsylvania Stadium Series rematch in 2019. The real jerseys for that game have yet to be revealed, but Bradley DeBode has a pretty great idea in mind.


Naval Stadium Hockey

For the third Saturday in a row, Justin Nahhas offers us an interesting outdoor game concept. This time he's tackling the 2018 Stadium Series game in Annapolis as the Washington Capitals host the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Chicago Needs Another Outdoor Game

Lately, the outdoor concepts haven't really been coming in like they used to. It's getting hard to dedicate a day every week to the idea. Maybe the novelty has worn off. Maybe the original ideas are dwindling. I don't know. So I wrote the headline above and posted this old concept from Matt Madore below thinking one of two things will happen:

  1. Artists will be so annoyed that they'll start designing new Winter Classic and Stadium Series concepts again just to prove how wrong that statement is.
  2. Artists will shrug and move along. No new outdoor concepts will come in and I will see that it's time to retire the Outdoor Saturday series for a while. (In that case, feel free to suggest a new Saturday series!)

Without further ado, who's excited about seeing the Blackhawks finally playing in the NHL Stadium Series again next season?!