0526: Metropolitan Green

Ever since the NHL announced the Metropolitan Division last week, I've been hearing non-stop about how it's a slap in the face to Seattle hockey fans. These people must be under the impression we want our team to be named the Metropolitans, after the first American-based team to win the Stanley Cup. I can only speak for myself but I seriously hope that doesn't happen.

That said, in searching for a new theme for Sundays and noticing how many Seattle concepts sit in my inbox, it became clear: Seattle Sundays. At least for a little while. Dylan Wonka is up first. I think he has a fantastic design, despite using the Metropolitans moniker. The nice thing about his logos and jerseys is that the name can easily be swapped out for something better.

Check back next Sunday for another Seattle concept. And if you've got an idea, feel free to pass it along!