0549: The Next Wave

If yesterday's teasers are to be trusted, the San Jose Sharks will unveil their new home and road jerseys today! So while we wait, a couple of concept artists have produced their take on what we might expect based on the three teaser images the Sharks released.

First up is Justin Wiltron, who is probably very close. I'm not so sure the white will extend all the way down, but other than that, he could be on the money. It's a nice, simplified look that would work well for the Sharks.

Brian Brideau has essentially the same thing, except for — I think — a more accurate waist striping pattern. But as for the sleeve stripes, I think it was clear from the first teaser they aren't diagonal. Then again, it's hard to say for certain.

Looking forward to seeing what we actually get — and how close our concept artists got!