Waiting For the Weagle

I've still got my fingers crossed for a blue "Weagle" third jersey for the Caps one of these days. This one from Justin Wiltron could do the job. What's the hold up?

UPDATE · Mar 15 · It was brought to my attention that today's concept was previously posted last summer. Oops! It was a simple oversight on my part. But to make up for it, I'm adding another Capitals concept for the day — just to make sure we have something new.

Rob Huck was inspired by The Pentagon when he redesigned the Capitals' logo and uniforms. What do you think?

Wiltron's Quartet

We're continuing our series of four concepts at a time this week with a new set from Justin Wiltron. His designs are pretty traditional, but that's also what makes them work.


Justin Wiltron adds the guitar strings from the numbers to the waist and sleeves of a potential Predators third jersey today. Not a bad look.

Twin Eagles

Justin Wiltron has a couple of sharp Capitals jerseys for us today — and there's not a wordmark in sight. He's employed both of the eagle logos from the club's logo vault and they work surprisingly well together. 


It's hard to improve on the new St. Louis Blues uniforms, but Justin Wiltron has an interesting take. Probably more of a lateral move though.