0583: By Bastian Schmülling

I'm launching a brand new theme week today! We have so many artists who are so prolific that I thought they deserved their own week right before hockey season starts. So each day we'll feature a trio of concepts from a specific designer, starting here with Bastian Schmülling. His Wild jerseys may look a little dingy, but they also look like instant classics.

The Flames could use a uniform simplification and Bastian has the perfect answer and the best use of black I've ever seen on a Flames concept.

Finally, the Ducks need a way to distinguish their palette from the Flyers and that gold just isn't cutting it. So how about green? Not the first time we've seen green and orange combined in an Anaheim concept, but certainly among the better examples.

Bastian still has a ton of work that's gone unpublished to date, but I'm working to rectify that. He's got a great eye for uniform design and I, for one, am always excited to see what new ideas he's come up with.