Outdoors in the North

Justin Mercer imagines a future outdoor game for a pair of northern teams — the Winnipeg Jets and Minnesota Wild. Interesting pair of uniforms for sure.


Wild In Red

Here’s a fun idea for a Minnesota Wild third jersey from Neal Bonnah-Hawkes. The Wild wore a red jersey for many years, but never with the primary crest.


The Original 7

Now for something completely different. Forget the Original Six. Lucas Daitchman reimagines the NHL's early days in what he's calling the Original 7. What might the league have looked like if the early part of the 20th century included teams like the Calgary Cowboys, Columbus Blue Jackets, Dallas Stars, Florida Panthers, Minnesota Wild, Pittsburgh Penguins and Vancouver Canucks?


Freaky Black Wild

With more than a few teams adding black third jerseys, why not another? Caleb Fuller imagines a black Minnesota Wild sweater inspired by the old North Stars color palette.


Wild Without Wheat

It's been a while since the Minnesota Wild have made a Concepts page appearance, so Ryan Christensen helps us rectify that today. He's opted for a set that turns wheat to white and better aligns the home and road sweater designs.