0685: Johnny Canuck

As Tampa/Vancouver Week winds down, we continue to explore the Canucks' ongoing identity crisis. On Tuesday, the stick-in-the-rink logo was featured. Today, the star is Johnny Canuck. John Elbertson created this set with a home, road and retro-inspired alternate jersey.

Now how about in green?

Ben Macdonald's contribution would actually fit in quite nicely with John's home and road set. And that Johnny Canuck logo really stands out well on green.

Devin Durocher also went with green but I thought his overall feel was different enough from Ben's to warrant posting them together. Do you have a preference? Would you like to see Johnny Canuck on the chest of a Vancouver player someday?

By the way, is there a reason why everyone who designed a Johnny Canuck jersey put a goalie's name and number on the back? Weird, right?