Gold Freak Out

The Panthers have worn red, navy blue and even an uncharacteristic sky blue — but never gold. I wonder why not. Actually, Ben Macdonald kind of demonstrates why not particularly well here.

Alternate Jets

I'm still bewildered that five years into their resurrection, the Winnipeg Jets still haven't introduced a third jersey. But I'll keep sharing them here until they do. Today, Ben Macdonald takes a stab with this retro-inspired design.

Sabres Gone By

This week's Freak Out Friday is brought to us by Ben Macdonald, who has created a Sabres jersey built on looks from Buffalo's past.

A Third in Chicago

A theme seems to be developing this week — black third jerseys. Today, we get one from Ben Macdonald for the Chicago Blackhawks. I don't know about you, but I love this.

The Last Fix for the Hurricanes

I was in favor of the Carolina Hurricanes simplifying their uniforms last year, but what they came up with was devoid of any of the franchise's identity. Ben Macdonald has put together a great look that coves both bases. If they went with something like this, I don't think they'd ever need to change their uniforms again.