Freaking Out With Johnny Canuck

The Vancouver Canucks are promising an all new third jersey next year (that may be a stretch, but we can hope). Dallas Kirkpatrick imagines a new design inspired by an old one from the 2000s and a logo we don’t see enough. It’s freaky, right!

The Skating Canuck

The team most in need of fixing themselves after the Ottawa Senators take care of their stuff is probably the Vancouver Canucks. The orca has been around 20 years now but who represents this team better than Johnny Canuck?


The Original 7

Now for something completely different. Forget the Original Six. Lucas Daitchman reimagines the NHL's early days in what he's calling the Original 7. What might the league have looked like if the early part of the 20th century included teams like the Calgary Cowboys, Columbus Blue Jackets, Dallas Stars, Florida Panthers, Minnesota Wild, Pittsburgh Penguins and Vancouver Canucks?


Go Johnny Go

Orion Taylor never seems to disappoint and his latest concept is another winner. Anyone else hoping the Canucks ditch the orca in favor of Johnny Canuck for their 50th anniversary?

Three Ways to Vancouver

Chris Fortier tackles a trio of Canucks ideas inspired by the club's colorful history.