The Fisherman

The New York Islanders are slated to reveal their new third jersey this morning. It won’t look like this awesome concept from Cory Landels. But how cool would it be if it did?

Minimalist Flames

It's pretty rare to see specially designed logos on our jerseys concepts around here these days, but Cory Landels took a stab at minimalist new look for the Calgary Flames.


Winnipeg In Classic Colors

Cory Landels reworks the modern Jets in classic colors. It's not bad at all!


Sens and Gold

Another Senators concept. Another brilliant design. How can there be so many amazing fan creations yet, the Sens themselves can't get their act together? Cory Landels is the latest to join this club.

Vancouver Vibe

A newcomer is among us today! Cory Landels has a sharp redesign for the Vancouver Canucks that focuses a little less on the orca and a little more on the green.