San Antonio Cacti

Johnny Woods takes a stab at inventing his own team — the San Antonio Cacti. What's particularly cool is how he used the shape of cacti in the desert to form an "SA." It's not obvious at first, but it's there and it's pretty cool.


Initial Impressions of Tampa

Johnny Woods has an interesting new look for the Tampa Bay Lightning on this Friday.

Freak Out in Seattle

Seattle doesn't even have an NHL franchise yet, but the concepts are already getting freaky. Johnny Woods envisions the Seattle Sockeyes — where the salmon's eye is shaped like an actual sock. Weird, right?


Sled Hockey

Inspired a bit by the Canucks' skate logo from the 1980s, Johnny Woods has turned the classic New York Rangers' crest into a bit of a sled. And while you have to give him credit for the creativity of the vertical sleeve striping, it definitely belongs in the Freak Out Friday realm.


Freaky Snowshoes

Johnny Woods was inspired to make snowshoes out of the Canadiens' primary mark. He even found a way to turn the classic "C" into an "M" for Montreal.