Adizero in 8-Bit

Al McCready is back with another one of his fun 8-bit concept renderings. This time he's tackling the new Adidas Adizero home jerseys.

8-Bit NHL: The Early Years

Al McCready's getting prolific on us all of a sudden! The man known around these parts for his 8-bit style jersey art is back with another set. He writes:

I was looking through the feedback from my last 8-bit jersey submission, and a comment got the ol' creative juices flowing, so I made this. I left them unlabelled, as I think part of the fun will be the challenge to try and name them all!

Good luck!

8-Bit Jerseys III: The 8-Bittening

Al McCready sends something my way maybe once a year. And when he does, it usually ends up on the list of the year's highest rated concepts. Will this one join that club? He writes:

I was ecstatic to see my 8-Bit Olympic jerseys made your Top 14 list! [A recent theme week] on the Concepts page inspired me, and I have another 8-Bit creation for Icethetics — dead NHL franchises!

What other 8-bit jersey imagery would you like to see? Leave a suggestion in the comments and, who knows, maybe Al will get inspired again!

8-Bit Sochi

Who doesn't love some classic 8-bit hockey jersey art? Al McCready is always there for us in that regard. With this submission, he tackles all 30 Olympic hockey sweaters used a couple months in Sochi.

By the way, our Olympic Jersey Tournament is down to the final four so get over there and vote!