Adizero in 8-Bit

Al McCready is back with another one of his fun 8-bit concept renderings. This time he's tackling the new Adidas Adizero home jerseys.

8-Bit NHL: The Early Years

Al McCready's getting prolific on us all of a sudden! The man known around these parts for his 8-bit style jersey art is back with another set. He writes:

I was looking through the feedback from my last 8-bit jersey submission, and a comment got the ol' creative juices flowing, so I made this. I left them unlabelled, as I think part of the fun will be the challenge to try and name them all!

Good luck!

8-Bit Jerseys III: The 8-Bittening

Al McCready sends something my way maybe once a year. And when he does, it usually ends up on the list of the year's highest rated concepts. Will this one join that club? He writes:

I was ecstatic to see my 8-Bit Olympic jerseys made your Top 14 list! [A recent theme week] on the Concepts page inspired me, and I have another 8-Bit creation for Icethetics — dead NHL franchises!

What other 8-bit jersey imagery would you like to see? Leave a suggestion in the comments and, who knows, maybe Al will get inspired again!

8-Bit Sochi

Who doesn't love some classic 8-bit hockey jersey art? Al McCready is always there for us in that regard. With this submission, he tackles all 30 Olympic hockey sweaters used a couple months in Sochi.

By the way, our Olympic Jersey Tournament is down to the final four so get over there and vote!

0677: A Very Wild Christmas

So often the Minnesota Wild are given a hard time for their "Christmas colors." And whether you agree or not, today one is the perfect opportunity to celebrate that. First up is Mat Ware whose created home and alternate jerseys to go with the team's new road sweater.

Next is a sweater by David Parkinson who put together just the right combination of red and green for that holiday feel.

On the other hand, Justin Nahhas went with a green jersey and still achieved a similar effect.

Finally, Dylan Wonka presents a pair of jerseys. The white one is pretty solid, but the Wild but the green one has some very merry striping if you ask me.


Before you go, I've got a bonus concept that was tailor-made for today. Our favorite 8-bit artist Al McCready recreated the Stars' and Hurricanes' new uniforms in his unique style. Merry Christmas!