The WHA Collection

Dallas Kirkpatrick has something special for us today. He writes:

I've been working on a project for a while now, recreating WHA jerseys. I decided to create 14 sets in total. My idea is that this might be what the jerseys looked like if the league were rebooted today — and I've purposely left out Quebec, Hartford, Edmonton, and Winnipeg as I've already done multiple concepts for these teams
I used all original logos (or variations thereof), and have stayed pretty close to the original color schemes in most cases. While I want to be creative, I wanted them all to be believable and based on something from the past.  A few of these designs have bold or outlandish design traits that probably wouldn't be used in real life, but hey, it's the WHA.

WHA Resurrection, Part 2

Colin Magee picks up his three-week series today as he wonders what five more teams would look like if the WHA came back today. He's got a great touch.

WHA Revival, Part 3

In a special Concepts series, Nick Burton is reviving the WHA. What would the teams look like if they were still around 40 years later? Part 3 begins with the Indianapolis Racers — famous for being Wayne Gretzky's first pro team.

Looks like they would've had the same black-and-white fate as another one of Gretzky's teams, the L.A. Kings. It kind of works.

How about this timeless look for the Minnesota Fighting Saints? Though I'm sure that logo would've been updated sometime in the last four decades.

We finish this installment with the Chicago Cougars and their many stripes.

Check back next Thursday for the finale of Nick's series — featuring Calgary, Cleveland and... the New England Whalers!