WHA Resurrection, Part 3

Today wraps up Colin Magee's three-week series on the WHA. What if it were revived today? What would the teams and their jerseys look like?

Which of Colin's 15 designs has been your favorite?

WHA Resurrection, Part 2

Colin Magee picks up his three-week series today as he wonders what five more teams would look like if the WHA came back today. He's got a great touch.

WHA Resurrection, Part 1

Colin Magee kicks off a three-week Sunday series taking a look at what the teams of the WHA might look like if they were resurrected today. They're positively gorgeous.

Hampton Roads Rhinos

Thought we'd try something different today. Colin Magee has invented his own team to replace the Norfolk Admirals, who are moving to the ECHL next season. Check out the Hampton Roads Rhinos!

An Extreme Winter Classic

Colin Magee has submitted a lot of great artwork to IceHL design contests in recent years. In fact this year alone he entered two winning logo designs for the Geneva Mountaineers and Osaka Samurai. In 2013, he designed the winning Vancouver Lumberjacks uniforms.

Today, however, brings his first appearance on the Concepts page. Inspired by an unused design proposal for the Avalanche (seen on Icethetics in July), Colin conceived of a 2016 NHL Winter Classic between between Colorado and Anaheim with some unique throwbacks.