The WHA Collection

Dallas Kirkpatrick has something special for us today. He writes:

I've been working on a project for a while now, recreating WHA jerseys. I decided to create 14 sets in total. My idea is that this might be what the jerseys looked like if the league were rebooted today — and I've purposely left out Quebec, Hartford, Edmonton, and Winnipeg as I've already done multiple concepts for these teams
I used all original logos (or variations thereof), and have stayed pretty close to the original color schemes in most cases. While I want to be creative, I wanted them all to be believable and based on something from the past.  A few of these designs have bold or outlandish design traits that probably wouldn't be used in real life, but hey, it's the WHA.

WHA Resurrection, Part 1

Colin Magee kicks off a three-week Sunday series taking a look at what the teams of the WHA might look like if they were resurrected today. They're positively gorgeous.

WHA Revival, Part 4

What would the WHA look like if it were still around 40 years later? Nick Burton is resurrecting the league with some unique new uniform designs. What do you think of this modern redesign of the Cleveland Crusaders?

Before the Flames moved north, Calgary was home to the Cowboys. If they'd survived, where might Atlanta's former team have moved in 1980?

And finally, you knew we'd have to end up here — the New England Whalers. They did survive the WHA's merge with the NHL, but were renamed the Hartford Whalers. If the team never moved to North Carolina, imagine what they might've looked like in their original colors.

Hope you enjoyed Nick's series as much as I did!

0446: Another Neat WHA Trio

Can you tell it's WHA Week here on the Concepts page? Today also happens to be Icethetics' 6th birthday! Can't believe it's been that long. Anyway, today it's Bastian Schmülling who has sent dozens and dozens of designs over the last several months. And continues to. For this post, he's tackled the Michigan Stags...

...and the old Cleveland Crusaders...

...who later became the Minnesota Fighting Saints. Bastian really loves making these concepts and he has a very distinct style that shows through with each one. We'll continue to see a lot more from him on these pages.