Shades of Grey

Anthony Cinerari takes a stab at a new set of L.A. Kings uniforms focusing more on grey and less on black.

Washington Weirdness

Friday’s always good for something a little freaky and this week its Anthony Cinerari bringing an interesting third jersey idea for the Washington Capitals. White gloves and white pants!


Knights Without Neon

Anthony Cinerari drops the red and brings us a new take on the Vegas Golden Knights.

Basic Bruins

Anthony Cinerari has a simplified Boston Bruins set for us here. I'm not sure I like the lack of shoulder yokes and the broken waist stripes are definitely a mistake. But if you look past that, would this not make a great home-road-third jersey set for the B's?


Missing the Nords

Every once in a while I feel the need to post a Quebec Nordiques concept just to remind us what we've been missing for the last 23 years. Anthony Cinerari provides us this one for the Adidas era.