Blue Moose

The Manitoba Moose are returning to the AHL, but they could look so much better than they will. Just ask Lexi Dever. Her jerseys should be on the ice next month.

Fixing the New Moose

Tyler Gross thinks the new Manitoba Moose logo and uniforms could've been better. He submits this design, adding that "the little bit of red in the eye is supposed to be a maple leaf as an ode to Canada the the Jets logo."

Bring Back the Moose

With many of the new team names and logos already announced for the AHL's 2015-16 season, one that still hasn't been announced is the Jets' farm club — which is moving back to Winnipeg. I think we're all hoping for the return of the Manitoba Moose and Mike Ivall has the perfect jersey synergy in mind to make it happen.

Across Canada, Part 2

Minor League Week continues across Canada with a couple of entries from Steven Grant, including the WHL's Vancouver Giants.

Before the Jets showed up again in Winnipeg the AHL was home to the Manitoba Moose. Steven, reimagines the team's uniforms with a simplified color palette.

0043: A Fool for the Moose

Taking a break from Winter Classic Weekends to celebrate April Fool's Day! Last year when we found out the Atlanta Thrashers were headed to Winnipeg, the rumors flew. We'd heard from Mark Chipman that he had no desire to resurrect the Jets and, in fact, every intention to carry on the successful branding of his AHL team, the Manitoba Moose. But we were fooled. On Draft Day, it was confirmed the franchise would be named the Jets. Still, Tyler Rodgers has sent in what may have been a great upgrade to the Moose brand. Shame we'll never see it go beyond this page.