Blackless Flames

Another common theme among concept contributors is a Calgary Flames set free of black trim. Lexi Dever goes further by avoiding a simple rehash of the team's original sweaters.

The Mightiest Colors

Lexi Dever writes:

With the unveiling of the new orange (Mighty) Ducks jersey, my housemates and I were debating which color scheme worked best for Anaheim —, their current one or their original one?
To prove my point that they should be eggplant and jade, I mocked up both an orange and jade version of the same design. Then I did a black one and an eggplant one. However, my housemates and I remain divided.
So I turn to the Icethetics community: which of these four jersey color schemes is the best?

Blue Moose

The Manitoba Moose are returning to the AHL, but they could look so much better than they will. Just ask Lexi Dever. Her jerseys should be on the ice next month.

Ladies' Day

Female pro hockey players will take the ice this fall for the inaugural season of the National Women's Hockey League — or the NWHL. The league recently held a jersey design contest for its four teams, but there's no doubt they would've been better off just hiring Lexi Dever to handle them all. While the logos weren't much to work with, her take on the NWHL is absolutely striking!

Island Orange

Every once in a while we're treated to a great rebrand for a storied team. Today, Lexi Dever presents a brilliant take on the New York Islanders — and note there's no black and white in sight.