Vegas By Mike

Continuing with our Golden Knights theme this week, longtime Icethetics contributor Mike Ivall had some ideas for tweaking the new Vegas logo. What do you think?

Bring Back the Moose

With many of the new team names and logos already announced for the AHL's 2015-16 season, one that still hasn't been announced is the Jets' farm club — which is moving back to Winnipeg. I think we're all hoping for the return of the Manitoba Moose and Mike Ivall has the perfect jersey synergy in mind to make it happen.

The All-Star Century

I love this NHL All-Star concept from Mike Ivall for the NHL's upcoming centennial season. Here is Mike's explanation of his design.

Rumour has it Toronto wants to get this [the 2017 NHL All-Star Game] for their 100th birthday as well as the Winter Classic. So let's make a choice. Toronto gets the All-Star Game but not the Winter Classic. Why not put the All-Star Game outside at a renovated BMO Field in these jerseys?

I have loved the Campbell and Wales jerseys but we know the NHL wants their logo on it, so I took it from the 1988 game in St. Louis.

These would look great in an outdoor game! Anyone agree?

Serious as a Shark Attack

This one takes us back. Mike Ivall first submitted this logo way back in 2008. I just stumbled across it while doing some "house cleaning" and realized I never posted it to the site. Time to rectify that. Mike's idea was to overhaul the Sharks' new logo by making a bit meaner.

You'll recall Mike designed a Blackhawks logo just prior this one that ended up getting stolen and used without permission on gear and merchandise all over the place. He's since sold the design to another company.

By the way, in my defense, Mike's email did say, "Post it whenever you want."

Centennial Celebrations I

Mike Ivall gets the week started for us with his new 100 Years of Hockey project. In 2017, the NHL and the Maple Leafs will be celebrating their centennials and Mike is looking ahead with a series of new concepts. He writes:

The Centennial Game. First game of the season at the ACC in Toronto. Toronto Arenas versus Club de Hockey Canadien. The Canadiens jerseys are from the 1912-13 season where they only used them to play the Sens who also had the original barber pole jerseys at the time. According to the Canadiens site, this was the idea behind the classic jersey you see today.

I'm looking forward to what else Mike has in store. Also eager to see what other designers can come up with. We're still a few years away, so no rush.