Michigan Pride

It's a College Saturday double-header from Alan John Herbert starring the Spartans and Wolverines. Alan proposes these jerseys for an outdoor game between the big schools from Michigan.

When the two got together at Spartan Stadium in 2001, they set a world record for the largest crowd at a hockey game with almost 75,000. In 2010, a rematch was held at Michigan Stadium before a crowd of more than 104,000 — a record which still stands today.

Spartan Pride

The College Saturday series rolls on this week with Matt McElroy's new look for the Michigan State Spartans. For a look at their existing uniforms, check out their Facebook page.

0323: Michigan State Spartans

Sunday always means college concepts and today we're getting Geil Schock's take on Michigan State University. To get an idea of what the Spartan's actually wear, check out their official website.