Swooping Isles

We haven't seen much of Matt McElroy around these parts lately so I dug up a little something from the vault. He brings an interesting new pattern to the New York Islanders.


McElroy Lets It Ride

Everybody's favorite amateur-turned-pro concept artist shares his prediction for the Vegas Golden Knights! Less than a month now until we see the real deal.

Freakiest Friday Ever

On this Freak Out Friday the 13th, it's the scariest thing I can imagine happening to NHL sweaters — advertising replacing an iconic crest. Matt McElroy shares his vision of this nightmare today.

Angrier Sharks

With the release of the San Jose Sharks' new secondary logos, Matt McElroy is peering into the future for a possible third jersey in 2017-18. If nothing else, it's proof that this new mark makes a solid crest.

A Breath of Fresh Air

The Chicago Blackhawks are scheduled to play an outdoor game for the fourth year in a row next season and hockey fans everywhere seem pretty jazzed about it. Obviously I'm kidding, but like it or not, they're going to the 2017 Winter Classic. Matt McElroy actually submitted this design back when we were anticipating the 2015 Winter Classic. What does that tell you?