0344: Missouri Tigers

Today marks the end of the University Sunday series for a while. Doesn't sound like most of you are enjoying these concepts very much. To wrap up, Justin Nahhas brings us his take on the Mizzou Tigers. Next Sunday, we'll launch a unique new series. UPDATE: Actually, next Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday and I have a special post planned. New series will start Feb. 10.

0337: North Carolina Tar Heels

The Tar Heels are the featured team on this University Sunday. Adam Ravenhill put together this UNC concept for us today.

0330: North Dakota... Um...

You know, on these University Sunday posts, I typically like to use the name of the school and its athletics nickname in the title. But Todd Varga threw me a curveball with this University of North Dakota concept. They used to be called the Fighting Sioux, but a lot of lawsuits and 80 years later, UND simply no longer has a nickname. So there. As for the concept, you know I can't turn down a good green jersey.

0323: Michigan State Spartans

Sunday always means college concepts and today we're getting Geil Schock's take on Michigan State University. To get an idea of what the Spartan's actually wear, check out their official website.

0316: Elmhurst Bluejays

The University Sunday series picks up with Illinois' Elmhurst College. Joe Lomma designed this uniform set for the Bluejays. You can see what the team actually wears via their Facebook page.