Modern Americans

Nick Burton reimagines the New York Americans as a modern day NHL franchise. Pretty sharp look if you ask me.

0502: 237 Years of Americans

It's America's birthday, so how about an Americans concept? The New York Americans, to be precise. Niklas Brinkmann has a full uniform set based on the classic logos of this former NHL club. (By the way, apologies to my Canadian friends for not properly marking your nation's birthday on Monday. I'll make it up tomorrow. Sort of...)

0366: Reviving the Americans

As we embark on our second year of concept posts, I've got a new theme for this week. We're going to be looking at reviving old hockey franchises. Imagine we live in an alternate universe where it was the New York Americans that emerged as the Big Apple's dominant NHL franchise. Imagine the Rangers merged with the Americans and adopted their name 70 years ago. That's what Matt McElroy has done with today's concept.

0303: The Americans

Got a fun one today. Brian Brideau altered the New York Rangers' Lady Liberty logo so it could work as a modern day New York Americans crest. Then he created a really interesting jersey to put it on — with lots of stars and stripes.

0137: A Day for Americans

We're celebrating America's birthday with an Americans concept from Nick Burton. Enough red, white and blue for you? Enough stars and stripes? If not, check back for a Team USA concept scheduled for Sunday.