Modern Saint Pats

Jordan Roberts brings us a modern update to the Toronto St. Pats identity.

Happy St. Pats Day!

We're skipping this week's Freak Out Friday to celebrate St. Patrick's Day — courtesy of Dallas Kirkpatrick. It's a solid look and could make a nice pairing with the actual Toronto St. Pats jerseys the Maple Leafs are wearing tomorrow night!

St. Pats Centennial

The Maple Leafs will wear throwback St. Pats jerseys next season and play in the NHL's first-ever Centennial Classic on New Year's Day. Nick Burton has a design that could work for both.

The St. Patricks

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Dallas Kirkpatrick, who's come up with a new look for the old St. Pats. This one just seemed appropriate today. 

Toronto Centennial

We're giving the minors a break on this Sunday so Tristan Mani can have the whole weekend to showcase his ideas for the Toronto Maple Leafs' upcoming 100th anniversary next season. Here he has new home and road jerseys along with a pair of throwbacks.