Montreal Third

It's rare we see the Montreal Canadiens represented here because no one wants to mess with tradition. But that's what the Concepts page is all about. So here's Tristan Mani with a third jersey suggestion for the Habs that doesn't go against tradition at all.

Happy Belated Canada Day

Nothing like celebrating Canada Day a day late with a concept that was submitted four years ago. Sorry. Sharp work by Tristan Mani though.


Black(hawk) Friday

We're skipping the usual Freak Out Friday this week for Black Friday. Three different artists — Bastian Schmülling, Kris Lutes, and Tristan Mani — have submitted three unique black jerseys for the Chicago Blackhawks. Have a favorite?

The Devils Wear Black

Still waiting on that black Devils third jersey? Tristan Mani is too.

Bright Buffalo

I know this is a Freak Out Friday but I'm on the fence about this concept from Tristan Mani. On one hand, I think the debacle of 2013 should preclude the Sabres from ever again trying to wear a yellow jersey. On the other, Tristan's done a decent job with this design. Where do you stand?