Knights in Gold

How long do you think before we see a gold third jersey in Vegas? Chris Fortier suggests this idea for the Golden Knights.


Black As Knight

What if the Golden Knights had been named the Black Knights as their owner originally wanted? Tim Steele Allen imagines something pretty dark here.


Red Vegas Freak Out

A couple weeks ago I shared a Golden Knights concept that imagined the club without any red in their uniforms. Benjamin Muckenheim makes his Concepts page debut by going in the opposite direction. For your consideration, an all red third jersey — complete with white gloves, helmet, and pants! Yep, I'm freaked.


Knights Without Neon

Anthony Cinerari drops the red and brings us a new take on the Vegas Golden Knights.

Golden Golden Knights

Ryan Haslett is back with a third jersey idea for the Vegas Golden Knights — and it's gold. But try to imagine that shiny, sparkly gold you see on their sleeve stripes. Oh wait, it isn't Friday yet.