Every once in a while we step outside the bounds of our own sport to imagine what another team would look like if they played hockey. With the NBA Finals on the verge of wrapping up, Alan Su has designed sweaters for the Warriors and Cavaliers.

It's Panther Day!

Tonight, the Florida Panthers will unveil their new look to the world. In the meantime, we have this submission from Alan Su, which may seem to be meant more for a Freak Out Friday. But it's outside the box, and I get the sense that's what the Panthers have in store for us. Not exactly this — but something outside-the-box thinking nonetheless.

Edmonton Anew

I think the Edmonton Oilers might be one of the rarest teams to appear here on the Concepts page but today Alan Su brings a simple idea to a new uniform set. What do you think?

Sabres Simplified

You can't simplify the Buffalo Sabres' look much more than this. Alan Su dropped the white buffalo in favor of a front jersey number. While there's plenty to dislike about that, there is something intriguing about this set.

Florida's Future

Alan Su tries his hand today at predicting the future of the Florida Panthers. His designs are based on the many reports of Miami Herald beat writer George Richards.