Wondering About Winnipeg

Jacob Lazare is wondering what the Winnipeg Jets will look like next season.

New Jackets

The Blue Jackets are starting to get a bit stale in the jersey department. Jacob Lazare is hoping for something a bit different. Maybe the Adidas switchover next year would be the right opportunity?

Seattle Coyotes

No intention to rile anyone up here, but given the shocking turn of events in Glendale this week, I thought it somewhat appropriate to share this concept submitted by Jacob Lazare.

Future Tradition

The Ducks' newly redesigned home and road jerseys make sense for right now. But eventually, I see the team following one of the better design trends in the NHL in the next couple decades. Traditional jerseys have been making a comeback and this set by newcomer Jacob Lazare could fit the bill while still retaining Anaheim's unique look and feel.