Retro Rangers and Sabres

This is the final installment in a series of Outdoor Saturday entries from Justin Nahhas. He brings his unique vision to the Rangers and Sabres for the 2018 NHL Winter Classic.

Naval Stadium Hockey

For the third Saturday in a row, Justin Nahhas offers us an interesting outdoor game concept. This time he's tackling the 2018 Stadium Series game in Annapolis as the Washington Capitals host the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Happy 100th Birthday

On the NHL's 100th birthday, the Canadiens and Senators will meet outdoors in Ottawa for the NHL100 Classic. Today, Justin Nahhas presents what might be one of my favorite concepts submissions of all time. Enjoy.


Winter From the 90s

Winter Classic uniforms are starting to get a little too predictable. Enter Justin Nahhas from way out of left field. Instead of going all the way back to a team's earliest days, he envisions going back just a couple of decades for some inspiration.

The Finals on Ice

The NBA Finals could wrap up tonight so as a special treat, Justin Nahhas is kicking off your week with a couple of unique uniforms. What do you think of the Cavaliers and Warriors as hockey teams?