More Video Games By Hand

In the sequel to Wednesday's post, Morgan Edwards has some more video game-inspired hockey sweaters. Any favorites? 

Video Games By Hand

In honor of E3 taking place this week in LA, I have something a little off the beaten path. Everybody's favorite pen-and-paper artist, Morgan Edwards, has created some video game-themed hockey sweaters.

Handmade Oilers

Completing the trilogy, Morgan Edwards has once again refined his idea for an Edmonton Oilers redesign. It began in 2014 and got an upgrade in 2016. Now here's the latest in 2018.

Handmade Leafs

Morgan Edwards tackles the Toronto Maple Leafs today — complete with a St. Pats-inspired green third jersey.


Handmade Golden Knights

The ever-talented Morgan Edwards is back with us today to offer a sharp upgrade to the Vegas Golden Knights. Morgan writes: "I think their current set needs a little more red to make things cohesive.  Replaced the coloured shoulder areas with more traditional cuffs."