Senators By Hand Again

It’s always a pleasure to see a hand-drawn hockey concept from the talented Morgan Edwards. Today it’s the Ottawa Senators — a team in the most desperate need of a rebrand.


Duck Drawn

Morgan Edwards was inspired by some unused prototype logos created for the Anaheim Ducks in 2006. His handmade creations never disappoint but there's some immensely cool about this one.


Handmade Flames

Morgan Edwards is here today with a cool new handmade take on Calgary Flames. His third jersey includes an unused logo from the club's 2013 third jersey design process.


And as a bonus, here's another one he submitted recently with a more traditional look.


Handmade Bolts Revisited

Morgan Edwards brings us a revised version of his Tampa Bay Lightning from last year.


Hurricane Premonition

I have to point out that Morgan Edwards submitted this concept a good four months before the Carolina Hurricanes unveiled their new third jersey. Anyone else think the logo balance is a little better in his design? Or is it just me?