0398: The Coconut Whale

This week's Freak Out Friday is brought to us by Ryan Yuck, who takes us to the American Hockey League for a change. I'll let him explain why.

This is probably the weirdest jersey I have ever done. It's not pretty, however, I find it rather hilarious. Introducing... The Coconut Whale. My inspiration stems from the article you posted surrounding the Connecticut Whale franchise. Basically, at first glance I read, "Coconut" instead of "Connecticut". I thought to myself "what the f***?" until of course, I re-read the title of the article.

I thought it was a comical name for a team so I went along with it and made a concept. Call it a freak out, heck, call it a funny Beer League team. Whatever it is, this jersey will never see the light of day. Haha.