Wolf Pack Without the Wolf

Ryan Yuck is rethinking the AHL's Hartford Wolf Pack without the wolf in the logo. The club's name is a submarine reference, so he's going down the literal path here. What do you think?

Winged Phreak Out

It's almost Halloween so this Freak Out Friday had to be black and orange. The submission from Ryan Yuck seemed like the perfect fit.

A Shark By Any Other Color

San Jose Sharks fans made a bit of a stink when the team opted for black jerseys in the playoffs once again — despite having created teal ones that matched those famous "weight-saving" measures. But given the collapse we witnessed by a team poised to sweep their way through the quarterfinals, it's probably safe to say we won't be seeing playoff black in the bay area for the foreseeable future.

Having said all that, Ryan Yuck shows us that the Sharks can have a sharp black jersey that uses teal as nothing more than a trim color. Well, I like it anyway. You?

0588: Freak Outs by Ryan Yuck

Our theme week continues into this Freak Out Friday with the guy you might call the King of Freak Outs. Ryan Yuck's tendency toward the unfamiliar can be jarring at times. You could never call his work bad, but it's definitely out there. Like this re-imagining of the Islanders' fisherman jersey — without the fisherman or the wavy stripes.

Here he merges the Canucks with the old Vancouver Millionaires. It's a strange idea for a hockey sweater, yet there's something about it you can't help but like. Maybe it's the green.

Speaking of green, Ryan's Wild concept takes a little inspiration from the Minnesota club that preceded it — the North Stars. His work is definitely creative and worth taking the time to look at, but I'm not sure I'd necessarily want to see it on NHL ice. What do you think?

0531: Blue Jackets Freak Out

For this Freak Out Friday, Ryan Yuck mixes eras in Columbus. Check out that crazy crest.