0561: Nevermind the Early Release

Well, we're not going to let some early release rain on our parade, are we? The Wild's new road jersey showed up in official photos on their website late last night, but that won't keep me from showing some concepts anyway. Like this one from Matt McElroy, who came the closest to getting it right. Nobody planned for the squared off shoulder yoke though.

Brian Brideau has a habit of being right about these things and he too came pretty darn close. I like his take on the unlayered, solid color numbers. Gives the jersey that old-timey feel.

And Michael Baumann, well he's been here before. He submitted a concept back in January awfully similar to this. Talk about psychic, right? All three of these concepts were submitted prior to last night's reveal so they're all legitimate guesses.

No offense to these talented guys, but I'm mighty impressed with what Minnesota actually came out with. I don't think it needs to be improved upon. You?