A Bastian of Gold

Yellow jerseys seem to be quietly trending in the hockey universe these days. The Predators made it their primary color in 2011, the Sabres introduced a gold third this season, and the Kings will wear a yellow throwback starting next season. Not to mention the AHL's Providence Bruins wear yellow instead of white for home games since last season.

So maybe Bastian Schmülling is on to something with these yellow sweaters of his. In fact, a jersey like the Penguins one above may very well be seen on NHL ice next season if the rumors are to be believed.

You may not have thought about the Panthers in gold before, but they are at home in the Sunshine State, so it makes sense. And with Bastian's design sense, it's not a bad look either.

As mentioned, the Kings will have a gold throwback option for their Legends Night events next season. But what about a full home and road set built around yellow? Could be worse. They could just be black and white. Oh, wait.

Bastian tackles Ohio tomorrow!